Our strength lies in teamwork, so we can achieve what would be impossible for others, we are always ready to solve any problem that may arise.

We offer fully qualified, reliable and experienced staff for complex reconstruction projects, as well as smaller tasks: ship body construction work, locksmithing, piping work, welding work, these are just some of the tasks we perform frequently.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to carry out very large projects:
Ro-Ro, offshore, containers, oil tanks and cruise ships, yachts are the same types of ships we build and repair.


To talk about our competence and experience,
this is part of our projects

Le Laperouse

Luxury expedition cruise vessel

Carnival Panorama

Cruise vessel

Costa Venezia

Cruise vessel


Krill fishing & processing vessel

Le Champlain

Luxury expedition cruise vessel


Weld Staffgroup pays special attention to the preparation of the manufacture of components necessary for shipbuilding and industrial, respecting the specific technological process for each one.

Types of operations performed specific to the preparation of the manufacture:
• plasma and oxygen gas cutting operations;
• rolling operations;
• bending operations;
• chamfer operations;
• polishing operations;
• mechanical processing operations.


Our staff has experience in the field of shipbuilding and metal construction acquired in years of activity performing the following operations: shipbuilding and metal construction.


During the assembly process for shipbuilding we perform the following works:
• assembly of flat sections;
• assembly of extremity volume sections;
• assembly of bottom or double bottom sections;
• assembly of dashboard or double dashboard sections;
• execution of corrugated walls;
• assembly of superstructure sections;
• assembly of the covers from the warehouse openings.

When assembling sections and section blocks, a large number of devices of different shapes and sizes that meet the following conditions are used:
• ensure the shape and dimensions of the geometric construction;
• are maneuverable in operation and contribute to reducing the labor of assembly, welding and verification works;
• ensures optimal working conditions for workers and for checking parts;
• both during and after the completion of the execution of the volume sections, the qualified personnel verifies the existence and the correct location of all the structural elements provided in the execution project but also the deviations from the flatness.

The works which we perform in the assembly process for shipbuilding are the following:
• installation of double bottom and double board sections;
• installation of transverse and longitudinal wall sections;
• installation of deck sections;
• installation of superstructure sections;
• straightening works;
• various works on the ship (installation of the mooring maneuvering installation, anchoring installation, columns, lashing for containers, outfitting, tanks, handrails, stairs, etc.);
• mounting the covers at the warehouse openings;
• works for the longitudinal and transversal towing of the ship;
• works for launching the ship into the water.



Metal construction services include cutting, tracing, respectively specific manufacturing preparation operations such as: bending, rolling, straightening, chamfering, polishing, machining.

Manufacture of locksmith elements (pedestals, stairs, masts, metal supports, platforms, etc.);

Manufacture of locksmith elements for civil, industrial constructions, bridges, technical equipment;

Making different types of beams.


Our company performs several types of welding in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, given that the welding process is a very important operation in the field of shipbuilding, we attach great importance to welding procedures and technologies in compliance with applicable norms and standards.

Welding is performed manually, semi-automatically or automatically, in accordance with the requirements of the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS).

To achieve quality standards we use the following welding processes:
• manual welding with MMA or SMAW coated electrodes;
• automatic welding under SAW flux layer;
• manual and automatic MAG welding with solid wire (GMAW);
• manual and automatic MAG welding with tubular wire (FCAW);
• manual and automatic MIG welding;
• WIG / TIG manual welding (GTAW).

Both welding and shipbuilding works are in accordance with the provisions of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and classification societies being carried out under the supervision of their representatives:

Lloyd Register Society (LRS)
Germanischer Lloyd Register (GL)
Bureau Veritas (BV)
Det Norske Veritas (DNV)


Weld Staffgroup performs preventive and curative repair and maintenance services performed by a team of professionals according to specific standards for the naval and industrial field.

All our works are carried out in compliance with international standards.

Repair and maintenance services:
• making and replacing ship structure elements
• manufacture and replacement of piping elements;
• making and replacing locksmith items;
• piping installations;
• mechanical and hydraulic installations and equipment;
• deck equipment;
• naval engines and power plants.


Weld Staffgroup oferă servicii de închiriere auto, respective utilaje specific domeniilor construcții și reparații navale, respective construcții metalice industriale.

Weld Staffgroup offers car rental services, respectively equipment specific to the fields of shipbuilding and repair, respectively industrial metal constructions.

In order to comply with both the quality requirements imposed and the terms of execution, the company offers for rent the following types of equipment, for instance:
• MIG-MAG welding equipment manually and automatically, tractors for automatic welding;
• MMA manual welding equipment;
• welding equipment under flux layer;
• Mig-Mag welding and tempering equipment;
• plasma cutting and oxyacetylene cutting equipment.


provide qualified staff






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Our strength lies in teamwork, so we can achieve what would be impossible for others, we are always ready to solve any problem that may arise.
We are proud to say that our goal is
to offer you a team that makes a difference in this field.
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